मंगळवार, २७ मे, २०१४

बुद्धीचे 'बळ' !

Just played a Chess game with my aai ! I had nothing in front except a paper and a pen but she had a board in front. Surprisingly I managed to go till the end - game and she resigned as I had 2 pawns extra !!

I played such a game almost after many years. This game was some 3o odd moves and I was happy at the end for keeping my clean record against her.

When i was a kid and was learning, my sir used to show me some game and he used to ask me to repeat it entirely. I also had played a few blind-fold games with my baba but I had hardly succeeded to achieve some reasonable position. But this was few years back !
Good old memories !

Going to have fun recalling all that while going to bed.

Felt like sharing that game so here it is !
 ( Indirectly its getting preserved else possibly I would have lost  that sheet  )
White : My mother 
Black : Me 

I know I made many mistakes in this game but I really enjoyed it and thus felt like sharing it here !

बुद्धिबळाने मला खूप काही शिकवलंय ! अगदी विचार कसा आणि किती करावा पासून ते खेळातील राजकारणापर्यंत सारे काही. लहानपणी मी खूप  खेळले.  खेळण्यातली मजा अनुभवत होते पण ; अश्याच एका क्षणी मी स्पर्धात्मक खेळणं सोडून दिलं पण तरीही ह्या खेळाबद्दलचं प्रेम आणि आकर्षण कधीच तसूभरही कमी झाले नाही !

आज पुन्हा तो निखळ 'आनंद' अनेक दिवसांनी अनुभवला.
 काही महिन्यातच आनंद आपल्याला पुन्हा आनंद देईल अन जगज्जेता होईल हीच  आशा

- Sam
(  बरेच काही आहे मनात परंतु कागदावर उतरवण्यासाठी सध्या वेळ नाही तूर्त इतकेच )